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Home Office – How to stay motivated?

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Recently I wrote a post about how to make the most out of your home office. Today let’s look at how you can force yourself to follow those tips but at the same time enjoy what you are doing. Motivation plays a key role in getting the outcome you are excepting from what you are doing.

Stay active!

Whoa whoa whoa … put that knife down. I’m not asking you to run a marathon on your balcony.

I’m not a huge sportsman either. What I am trying to say is to stand up some times, get out in the garden (if you have one), find something tall (if you don’t have a standing desk) and work standing or anything else that involves a little more movement than going to the fridge and back.

Mix things up

Sit elsewhere in the house, choose another room or just another part of the same room. Do something to mix up the usual… Actually, for me, this is a crucial step in my normal (non-lockdown) life as well. I just can’t sit for 8 hours at the same place. Whenever I get bored in the office I just come home and continue working from my home office. This helps me a lot to stay motivated

Clean it up! (and maybe let some light in!)

A dirty environment can really suck the motivation out of you. You don’t need to clean the whole room every day. I find it really helpful for example to clean that one spot that bothered me for so long putting the unused stuff away.

It is also to be considered to open up the blindfold if you don’t do it usually. Letting the light in really can make your mood. Except if it makes all the dust around you visible, then back to the previous point.


Take a break!

Sometimes it just does not work… I’ve started writing this post 5 hours ago. After the first chapter, I felt like I can’t write a single word anymore… I did not have any motivation so I just moved on. I saved the post in the drafts folder and started working on something else. Now, 5 hours later, words just come and come … Taking a break is a key part of regenerating your motivation.

Don’t overwork yourself

People are always bringing this up against home office working that the borders between work and private life fades away and eventually you find yourself working all day. Well… what should I say? Find your birth certificate, check how old are you, then start acting like that… 🙄

Ok, I don’t want to sound rude but I really think that everyone knows how much they want to work and how much they need to work. Whenever it is not necessary and you don’t want to, just don’t work… that’s it. You just have to learn when is it really important to finish that one more task and when is it just you making yourself believe that it can’t wait a day


Unfortunately, nobody is just motivated all the time. You have to find things that help you regenerate your motivation. Being locked in a home office, this is key to being productive throughout the day.


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