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Home Office – Get the most out of it

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As much as I am waiting for the end of the lockdown, I am trying to see the current situation as an opportunity to progress. While you are being forced to work from a Home office, you can use that time to rethink your workflow, learn new skills or step up some old ones. Let’s see how you can get the most out of it!

Working from home is not that bad!

Try putting it this way. Working from home saves you a lot of time! Have you ever tried to calculate how much time you spend in the traffic, traveling to your workspace? Well, now all that time is yours to do something cool with it! The numbers really depend on where you live but let’s take my case. It takes me an average of 2 hours per day to get around in the city. Now you could spend that extra 2 hours to start a new project, develop a new skill, read a book or try that new hobby that you always wanted.

The other really cool part of the home office is that you can manage your time. This topic is becoming less and less of a problem these days but it can be still valid for lots and lots of people.

Imagine for example that your job is to write 10 emails per day. Maybe you are super cool and you could finish all those emails in 4 hours 😎. Unfortunately, though, a lot of the times people grade your work by the time spent in the office and not how many things you got done. So if you finish in 4 hours they won’t let you go home, they will probably find something else for you to do in the remaining 4 hours. Of course for the same amount of money, saying that you did not work more than usual. Most people end up adjusting their speed to their work so they finish the 10 emails in 8 hours.

Working from a home office means nobody can tell you how fast you can work, you can finish those emails in 4 hours and have 4 free hours for your other projects.

Yess! Emails done ✅ Facebook, here I come!

Nooo no no no, wait. Wait. Unless you are paid for scrolling through the Facebook all day, maybe consider something else.

The other best thing about a home office is that it’s yours! Surprise huh? 🙃
It’s not like they can tell you what to do with it. You can start a new business, you can work on an idea you had for ages but you did not have the time to make it happen. Until now! It was never as easy as now to start a business from your room

What if I don’t want?

It’s fine! Not everybody has to start businesses, you can focus on your hobbies or things that you like!

Another option is to spend that other 4 hours working in your day job but in a more clever way! You can ask your boss for extra work (of course for extra income). Being in your home office nobody can judge you by the amount of work you put in it but the outcome of your work. Make use of this because after the lockdown is over it will be much harder to get out your regular routine!

So what did we learn?

Try to find ways that you can spend your extra free time in your home office in a meaningful way. Don’t waste this opportunity. Force yourself to limit the hours spent on social media and spend more time on things that matter!

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