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Augmented Reality – 5 Cool examples

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Augmented reality is becoming more and more advanced with big companies like Apple and Google investing lots and lots of money on improving both software and hardware. Let’s look at 5 really cool examples of how AR apps can shine.

Wait! What is AR exatly?

Good question! 😉 AR, or augmented reality, is an interactive experience where the live camera feed of your device is ‘augmented’ by computer-rendered objects. Basically, AR apps let you investigate, interact, experience objects as they were in your room.

AR lion on google

You can try it out really simple. Go to Google on your phone and search an animal (not all animals work with this, try for example Lion). If your phone supports AR, you will see a button that says ‘View in 3D’. Tap it and enjoy! 🦁

What about VR?

VR, virtual reality, is out of the scope of this article but the main difference between the two is the lack of the ‘real world’. When in VR, your eyes are covered and you can only see the Virtual world

And no! No pets and no furniture!

Not that I have anything against it. It’s just that I feel like whenever it comes to AR, everyone is redecorating their houses or wanting a pet that doesn’t sh*t on the carpet. Let me show you some new ideas in AR

1. Learn to draw ✏️

sketchAR teaches you how to draw step by step. After you selected what you want to draw, just place the outlines on a piece of paper and follow the steps. The app will walk you through the process. This is not an app review, this app certainly has its flaws but we need to learn how to appreciate a good idea. Give it a try and see if you like it or not.


2. Navigation

google maps ar

Google Maps is one of the most essential apps on peoples’ smartphones. Now it comes with build-in AR navigation. Whenever you use google maps to navigate, you can turn on the augmented reality view and it will guide you to your destination by utilizing AR arrows and signs. Just don’t get too lost in your phone and get hit by a car or something 🙃

3. Education

Even though I like reading, there are a ton of books that are boring as hell. People are expecting their kids to read books that even you would asleep reading. I think it is safe to assume that this is especially true for educational books. Worry no more! Augmented reality comes to the rescue. AR apps can put any content on top of a book from the elephant your kid is coloring to the human heart that a student is reading about.

disney ar color up

4. Multiplayer Games

This can vary between a ping pong game and some kind of space ninja battle. The important thing is that you and your friends can see the same objects on the screen and your interactions reflect on their views as well.

5. Makeup 💄

This works pretty much as instagram filters. These apps can put makeup on your face using the augmented reality thus helping you create the perfect makeup. It is not only about pretty girls. Such apps can really help makeup artists and plan and sketch a new masks for films for example.

makeup vr


Augmented reality, still being a relatively new technology, already shows huge potential. And the best part is, it is becoming more and more accessible to developers. Just as an example, 3 years ago I was working on an augmented reality app. The AR part took me days to create (not including the learning part). The same app would take me a few hours today and this is only about 10% because of my improvement in the last 3 years and 90% because of the incredible new tools that appeared since then.



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