Fridgey – Your Grocery Manager

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Today’s article will be a bit different than the ones before. This time we are going to look at a new iOS app called Fridgey. This app is intended to help you out in managing your grocery list.

You can simply download it and use it. No registration is needed.

Enter all the important items you have at home. You can enter how much you have and when is it going to expire. You can also set limits to get alerted when you are running low on something. Of course, you can increase or decrease the amount you have to keep the list up to date!

Whenever you open the app on your phone, laptop or even your Apple Watch, you can instantly get a glance on what you need to buy or what you need to use up ASAP or it will expire. Create! You can even minimise waste!

Check out Fridgey now!


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