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5G Conspiracy Theories

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I can’t believe how easily people can be influenced by anyone on the internet. Sometimes I’m just sitting there and wondering where were these people when common sense was invented. Let’s look at some of the most ridiculous 5G conspiracy theories out there.

The base idea

It’s funny how all conspiracy theories start the same way: “There is a small group of extremely rich people who are controlling it all and they want to kill us!

This always gets me thinking. Why do people think that reducing the populations is beneficial for such people? Isn’t the population who gives them money one way or the other? (By paying taxes, buying their products, etc…). 5G Conspiracy theories are not different. Somebody wants to kill us and they use 5G towers. Well.. sure…

1. It is not intentional, but it’s gonna kill us! ☠️

Yea, sure… just as 4G did when it appeared…

Ok, this first one is a bit different. Most of the people think that the technology itself, even though it was not intended to be harmful, can damage human cells. I recently wrote an article about how this is not true. People just seem to be afraid of everything new. They said the same about 4G, they probably said the same about the fire in the stone age and you know what? That actually, was more true than this one!

3. 5G is COVID-19

This is, in my opinion, the most ridiculous of all the 5G Conspiracy theories out there. They originally said, that the coronavirus is caused by 5G and then, probably when some people started thinking and realized that radio waves can not really spread viruses (at least not this kind of viruses 🦠) they started advertising that COVID-19 is not even real, the symptoms are caused by 5G and all the images you can see in the media, about sick people and tests and all, are fake.

The theory, btw, is originated from an interview that mentioned both COVID-19 and 5G in the same context with Wuhan. They did not mean that the virus is spread by 5G, but you know how humanity is 🤷‍♂️. They had to remove the post because the comment section just blew up in a few days.

cover and 5g

I’m wondering how come all those countries that haven’t even heard about 5G also have coronavirus?

2. Advertising on the £20 note. 💵

Ok, this may be my favourite one. It is somewhat connected to the previous one. Some people say, that the government itself did hide the evidence of 5g being the reason of the pandemic.

I can imagine what would the word be if those people used their imagination for something better…

corona tweet
corona tweet

Yeah… I guess governments just like more to put historical icons on their money instead of viruses. But if you like more to think that they have been planning this since 1828 just go ahed! I’m not going to stop you.


I think what I should say here is that you should be pickier about what you believe on the internet because anyone can post there without any supervision. But the thing I realized is that those who believe in these theories probably did not make it till this point. They probably came to the conclusion that I’m an idiot after the first sentence and left. So you, who are reading this, probably are aware of the fact that these theories do not have any real evidence and you just came here to have some fun. My advice for you is not to try to convince those who are so into these theories. They are probably more immune to evidence than we will ever be to COVID…

I hope you liked these 5G Conspiracy Theories. You can read more about what are the real dangers of this technology here or about the 5G technology itself here.


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