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5 Benefits of Video Games

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Today I have prepared you a list of 5 benefits of video games. You will be surprised!

Nowadays I seem to meet fewer and fewer parents being concerned about video games turning their kids into evil murderers. Maybe this is because more and more generations turn into parents that already had video games in their childhoods, maybe not. I don’t know. Unfortunately, though, there is still a significant number of people stating that video games are the one and only reason why their kids become aggressive. Of course, there are always cases. But in general, this is not true.

1. Stops aging 🧠

Before you start to be too happy, we did not find the fountain of youth but almost. I am sure you already heard old people saying they like an activity because it keeps their minds fresh. Or that you had at least one math teacher who seems like 100 years old but still could solve math problems faster than you could have opened your calculator app. It all comes down to keeping your mind active and that is exactly what video games do.

The brain is like any other muscle, if not used, it degrades. This process, of course, can not be stopped completely but can be slowed down by training the muscle. One benefit of playing games is that the constant information flow and the frequent need for a decision are like a good gym day for your brain thus keeping your mind fresh and functional longer in your life!

2. Improves vision 👀

Remember how you were put in front of the TV by your parents to improve your vision and save the money they would have to spend on glasses? Well, me neither but turns out they could have! Ok, this is a bit of an exaggeration… It will certainly not get rid of your glasses but studies showed significant improvements in the vision of those who regularly play videogames. Also, people participating in the study were able to better differentiate shades of colors (like grey 😏).

benefits of video games
VR in action

3. Leader skills

Video game players are often put in situations where they have to lead a smaller or bigger group of people. They have to make sure about their safety or that they have food and water. In other cases, they have to lead armies to victory. These people are shown to be better in leading people in real life and to stand better against the stress when everything goes wrong.

4. Helps you concentrate

Even though there are rare cases when addiction occurs to a game and it stops people from paying attention to anything other than the game they are addicted to in most cases video games can improve players’ ability to concentrate. Another benefit of video games. The constant flow of information requires the constant attention of the player thus making them able to pay attention more in other areas of life as well.

5. Video Games can make kids interested (in stuff)

People who don’t play tend to only notice video games that are focused on mindless zombie hunting or something like that. However, video games are a lot more than that. A lot of games are based on historical facts or modern (current) situations. These games can be the first step in a kids’ life toward a shining career in a specific domain.

+1. It can reduce stress and just generaly make you feel better

The last item on our benefits of video games list presented today is that they help you forget about your problems for a second. We people seem to stress too much about things around us even when there is nothing we can do about it. Sometimes the best you can do is to sit down and forget about it. You will see. Coming back to your problem with a fresh mind will produce better solutions faster!

Games are misunderstood

A lot of time people don’t realize what potential a game could have in the right hands. My favorite example of this is Minecraft. More and more young children play Minecraft and their main scope in the game (usually but not always) is to run around and fight the Zombies. However, the original player base of the game was focused on something completely different. They built stuff. Incredible stuff. They either built huge artworks or (an this is the one close to my heart) built amazing machines. A lot of people don’t realize that in Minecraft you have the opportunity to build anything. You have all kind of basic components (like wires, buttons, switches, lights, sensors, etc.) or mechanical parts (like pistons or pipes) and you can build anything you can think of, like a working calculator


As you can see, the list of benefits of video games is longer than you would think and actually this is only the beginning. Of course, and I feel like I’m saying this a lot, but you have to understand, there are exceptions. There are always exceptions. But in general, we can say that even the 312394th Call of Duty can have positive effects on your kid (Even though, If I were you, I would choose another game for my kid)


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